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About Marina Anouilh

Marina Anouilh has a taste for beautiful stories, traditional know-how, handmade details and subtle colors that sublimate the allure of women.

Her Greek origins and her life in the mountains in Switzerland gave Marina a taste for tradition and respect for people. It defends the original know-how that supports local economies. Its sharp selection with bohemian-chic accents illustrates its convictions: it colors fashion with new inspirations for a singular elegance without ostentation.

When she is not in Gstaad, Marina travels the world, from the plains of Uzbekistan to the islands of the Aegean Sea, passing through Parisian showrooms and Moroccan or Indian cities, always in search of new treasures.

"I can only work with designers who inspire me, and who often become my friends"

From limited edition to wardrobe staple, from one of a kid to wow factor piece, you will find a special selection for unique women.

Uncover the Marina Anouilh's word, clothes that have soul with a high level of quality for an effortless elegance.

And if you like to talk around the fireplace with a cup of tea, please visit us in Gstaad. The concept store in a one of a kind place where you will love to talk as much as doing shopping!

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