« Fashion is fun »

- What is fashion to you ?
-favorite place?
Gstaad and Pietrasanta
- Name a chic woman
Donna Karan
- Elegance is ?
Innate. style and grace, class and simplicity.
- Hobbies ?
collecting contemporary art and ceramics. Rock crystal
- Favorite painter?
Cy Twombly for his paint and brushwork, for his lyricism. His work speaks of memory and oblivion. epic and intimate. Edmund de Waal for his love of WHITE porcelain.
- Favorite music ?
Francesco De Gregori, Ella Fitzgerald and Nina Simone, Dee Dee Bridgwater, the great Ennio Morricone
- Favorite animal ?
- Favorite food ?
White truffles from Alba, Harry’s lemon meringue pie and abundant cream cake.
- City or country ?
New York, London, Paris, Venice and Gstaad (my countryside).
- Sea or mountain?
I adore the sea, the mountains are my DNA.


Rabie saeviore, quam desperatio incendebat 2


- Sparkly or tonal?
love sparkle but wear tonal.
- Muted colours or brights?
Sands and whites, love orange.
-heels or flats?
riding boots


My choice

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