« I love to discover beauty
a state away from the main roads
and looking for hidden gems »

- What is your favorite place ?
Gstaad and my secret greek island.

- What is fashion to you ?
To me it's a state of mind, it came into my life totally "par hazard". The search for special talents and authentic interpretations when I go treasure-hunting is so thrilling !!
- Name a chic woman
I know so many... All of my clients !!!
- elegance is ?
the one which comes from the heart, sincerity which can be applied to the way you choose your wardrobe.
- your hobby ?
I am hyperactive, I have many...
- your favorite painter ?
Klimt for his colors
- your favorite music ?
the one I can dance to and the one that gives me goosebumps.


Rabie saeviore, quam desperatio incendebat 2


rabie saeviore,
quam desperatio incendebat et fa

- your favorite animal ?
My dogs "Toi & Moi" two wonderful companions.

- your favorite food ?
Too many to say… but cheese, ham & wine are some of them.
- city or country ?
Mostly country …and I adore Paris.
- sea or mountain ?
mountain in Winter, sea in Summer.
- sparkly or tonal or both ?
Even if I love shines and sparkles they make me smile i usually wear tonal
- muted colors or bright colors or both?
a bright red can do, usually tonal

- heels or flat or both ?
Mainly flats, I am too busy but once in a while a lovely pair of heels for a special event.


rabie saeviore,
quam desperatio incendebat et fames, amplificatis viribus ardore incohibili in excidium urbium matris Seleuciae

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