« Dressing is a self expression :
a converstation with the world ».

- What is your favorite place ?
Gstaad and Sevilla. Totally different!
- What is fashion to you ?
Fashion is something that must never be blindly followed, but a reminder of passing time and the result of a million influences. It is also whimsical. I prefer individual style, each woman’s personal assemblage.
- Name a chic woman
A chic woman is not necessarily very beautiful, or very rich. But she is smart enough to be well groomed and polished, and she only wears things that show off her best features. She’s clever with acessories too.
- What is elegance to you ?
Looking your best, effortlessly. Never look uncomfortable or “dressed up”. You own the clothes, they don’t own you.
- hobbies ?
Drawing and painting. A bit more than hobbies, I take years to complete anything!

- Favorite painter ?
although I admire many artits, having studied Art History, my favorite is Henry de Toulouse Lautrec, his mastery of line and colour and his sensuality still shine through.

- music ?
Jazz. On a desert island, Jazz of all ages. In case of sadness, Chet Baker.
- animals ?
I love cats but have always had dogs too.


quam desperatio incendebat 2


quam desperatio incendebat et fa

- Favorite food ?
A good platter of cheese, crisp baguette and a great wine.

- city or countryside ?
I live in the country but miss the city, except when it’s very hot.
- sea or mountain ?
Mountain first but only with water to swim in: lake, river, pool. I’m a water baby!
- sparkly or tonal ?
- muted or bright colors ?
- heels or flat ?
Both. The only two things I won’t wear are white boots or miniskirts. There’s a time for everything, that’s all, folks!



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