« It's often the smallest details
that bring a piece to life »

- What is your favorite place ?
Gstaad for the burgers at Wally and Portofino for the seafood
- What is fashion to you ?
fun, comfort, daring and outrageous! 'One should either be a work of art or wear a work of art'.
- Name a chic woman ?
A chic person is a woman or a man who knows who they are and what they wish to showcase to the world.
- What is elegance to you ?
Subltle appreciation. Giving the impression of effortless grace to all.
- Hobbies ?
In my spare time I like to cook it's soothing and I love to read.
- Favorite painter ?
Egon Schiiuele. Love him.
- Music ?
- Animals ?
Liger! Who doesn't want a Tiger and a Lion ?!?


Rabie saeviore, quam desperatio incendebat 2


- Favorite food ?
Beef stroganoff or Penne Vodka at the palace.

- city or countryside ?
City. I love the noise.
- sea or mountain ?
Both. Hiking is the best thing in the world to me as I like to be active and the ocean is my home.
- sparkly or tonal ?
Tonal as you can do so many things with it. Mix and match as I say.
- muted or bright colors ?
I adore muted colours though every now and then a splash of colour goes a long way...
- heels or flat ?
Heels all the way. They make your legs look stunning, enough to knock a man off his feet!

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